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Yesterday was the colorguard comp. at el rancho. This time alex was there and davy too since we were riding w/ jones jr high. I just met them there since I live ten minutes away from Pico Rivera. The day dragged out soooooooo long. I just wanted to warm up have the girls perform...then just leave home. We had to rent a uhaul to haul our equipment. Mr. Holbrook drove it...bad idea. He hit the overhang of the school w/ the top of the truck...it bent in so sick that it cracked and hit the top of the cabin and dented it. he thought it was funny and apparently thought the ppl at the rental wouldn't notice....boy he was wrong. there is no way in hell they wouldn't have noticed. apparently he's crashed a vehicle before w/ SVHS.
Their performance went as well as one could expect. The partner work was killer...everyone in the crowd kept gasping..like omg...omg they didn't just do that. All in all we ended up getting 2nd place with the score of 65.3 and the first place winners (Downey) 65.9 not even by a whole point. but i wasn't dissapointed i thought they did a good job. Plus the other school had their uniforms and the whole show finished. It turns out that we were against Lorenzo's school Downey and we ended up talking afterwards. It's just weird that we're against 5 schools that i know their instructors or I was instructed by. It's ok...i'm not worried about them...
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