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weekend events


was our first colorguard competition for SVHS. WE WON FIRST PLACE! the kids were really excited. I think Robert almost pissed his pants he was so happy. It went smoother than I would expect my first comp. as a colorguard instructor. The best part was showing that we were better than BPHS. They got third and WE GOT FIRST! HAHA IN YOUR FACE NAiLER. the stupid thing was that when we were walking over to our warm up area we had to pass the BPHS colorguard and they were shouting and being rude...you know talking shit to my kids and the dumb bitch instructor didn't say anything to them. They were so sure of themselves that they were going to beat us... they are in for a surprise this season. Another thing was that some other bitch during the awards ceremony from san dimas high school (the colorguard instructor) actually talked shit to my guard. Saying that we only won by one-tenth of a point and that bphs deserved to win that they only reason why we won was cuz they got penalized. It's pretty pathetic that a grown woman would say this to kids. She wasn't even in our division....and she got last. All I knows is that we have the trophy in our hands. They can kiss our asses. Oh and it was so nice...the colorguard got me cake and sang happy birthday to me when we got back to the school. I was surprise...i had no idea what they were up to...They said them winning first place was their present to me....cool deal.


it had been exactly a year since I haven't lived at home...It was sad that I had to associate that with my birthday. I'm nineteen now but feel twice as old. Lindsey sang to me in the middle of the night and andy woke me up to sing to me in spanish in the morning. We went to breakfast and they had "plans" for me. They didn't exactly fall through. I was trying not to be sad but it was hard. My mom called and i was grateful for that but it broke my heart that my dad didn't even bother...he made me cry. Bekah called later and I was happy to talk to her cuz i'm always happy to hear from her. unfortunately the phone disconnected and after that I was unable to get a hold of her. Danielle called later as well as my grandparents. Others from my family....didn't....it sucked. But it was cool to hear from sarah, cloud and ana. I miss my friends. Esther too! she IMed me. I felt bad cuz we invited all these ppl to come to my b-day party and not one person showed up. With my family it was just drama or impossible for them to come over cuz they can't come to grips with me and my decisions....it sucks. So here we were Lindsey, Andy, Miko, Spud and I with all this food and no one else to party with. Although I did get a cool cheshire cat stuffed animal.. I think that's it for now
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