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So yesterday I woke up early (earlier than normal these days) and went to Laguna Beach. I was nervous because not only was I about to find out if I would lose my scholarship/financial aid if I took a leave of absence this semester from school but yesterday was also the court date for my lawyer to find out if we'll even have a case. Well right when I got there I was able to speak the the registrar about my situation, signed my paperwork, and met with Jonathan for a portfolio review. Luckily I won't lose my scholarship but I'm still disheartened by the whole situation. Being unable to go to school this semester...it makes me feel like I'm being left behind. Plus I'm so used to being so buisy what to do now? I would have been devastated if I lost my scholarship. I told Ms. Daniels about it yesterday. She said she didn't even want to think about it ( losing my scholarship) because it's one of those jaw dropping moments.
I was lucky to have met with Jonathan in the morning because he was really buisy. When he was looking over my stuff he said that he forgot how good I was at such an early stage. He said that I had lots of potential and that he knows when he sees a student's work whether or not they are going to go far. I just stared at him because I feel like i haven't given my all that I could have done so much more. When I told him that I wasn't coming back this semester because of the accident he voiced his concern about how he thinks that I could go so far to try to come back. Of course I'm coming back...just not now. He has helped me out the most out of all of my instructors this first semester. It reminds me of Mr. Rowley and how he really cared about my growth in art. Now it'll just be up to me to keep it up skill-wise.
In other news the homelife is going rather good (at least MY home). I got a new kitten Miko. I'm just teaching colorguard at the high school. Our show is almost done and I think this group has a lot of potential. Our first show is on Jan. 29th. Coming up really soon. So I hope things go good. I'm sure we'll kick BPHS colorguard's ass.

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