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Don't expect me to share your visions in life..


Last night we realized that there was something leaking out of my car. Today we took it to Firestone. They were absolutely no help. It turns out there is a gas leak. A hole in the gas tank. I ended up having to tow it to my parents house where my dad is working on it. I don't know what's going to happen w/ that. Now we have this ongoing joke about how things get screwed up w/ Joel comes home. Although I don't find the next prediction funny.
On our way to my parents house I recieve a phone call. It turns out that Home Depot wants to interview me. So tomarrow I have an interview at 9:15am. I've only applied to a few places online. I'm surprised to hear from Home Depot. Especially since there are so many applicants. So I'm excited. That was the highlight of my day. Even though my car is a fire hazard.
Tonight we went to Corona Del Mar for a little bit. It was trippy becuz the sand sparked blue light whenever you wrote into the wet sand w/ your fingertips. I ended up losing my phone in the sand momentarily while it was pitch black. Lindsey had to call it in order for me to retrieve it covered in sand...haha...that thing is always falling out of my pocket.

Saturday the colorguard did good. Two weeks ago was our last performance w/ a score of 72 points. This week we got 2nd place w/ an 81.4. We jumped up so many points. So this saturday is champs and that's it..the season's over. Time to start a whole different show! I'm going to try to get a raise. I think I deserve it. Especially w/ all the shit those kids have put me through...god dammit!
Man I feel like I haven't seen Esther in forever....i think this is like the first week i haven't really seen her. Strange.

P.S.- Does anyone want to by my '70 Ford Maverick? :]

P.S.S- Brenda Razo is a dumb fat "Rockabilly" blimp. Get your story straight bitch

p.S.S.S- I love eyelie
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