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Just Checking in

I went to Physical therapy yesterday. My therapist said that it looks like I'll only have to go for 2 more visits and that's it...I'm so glad. She gave some more exercises to do and stretched the heck out of my shoulder. It hurt like hell. I think that's the most it hurt from all my visits. She actually left some marks on it and then taped it up again so that it would stay in it's proper positions.

Sunday I went out with Ricardo (my first colorguard instructor). Even though it was a little nerve wrecking I told him everything that's been going on. He was so surprised/shocked, gave me some advice in multiple subjects. I'm glad I finally got some relief. I swear every person that I care about I want to tell them and I go through the same thing every time. I still have a few more to tell. I'm just waiting for when I'm ready to do it.

Saturday was our colorguard competition at Northview H.S. in Covina. We got second place w/ a 72.0 score. We went up a few. I was surprised that they had such a good performance because of how crappy they were practicing. It was "Horrendous". No seriously.

Over all things are going good between me and my star fish. It just seem that certain subjects have been really tender to touch these days.

I'm looking forward to my trip(s) to vegas. Cloud and Ana are coming home the 19th! and Joel April 1st.

p.s.- I got a tread mill. yay
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