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Chino Hills H.S.

Yesterday we had another competition for the colorguard. They got 2nd place again. Which is cool becuz they still did good. Their score was 69.5. I'm hoping next time to break seventy.
I had fun with alex being there and seeing some old ppl and meeting some new ppl. Mondo, bri and esther came to help out which is totally cool cuz we could always use the help. The only downside was that it was raining and I didn't get home until about 1am. But i wasn't really tired so that was a good thing.

In other news. eyelie says she has plans for me this weekend. So i'm looking forward to it. Naked Aggression Sunday! Esther u better be there! I still remember last time...good times. Except for that guy edward trying to hit on me...idiot. I think that's his name anyway?...

Yesterday night was kinda scary with the lightning and thunder...it reminded me of Florida.. I'm not used to it. It took me a while to go to bed.

That's it for now

Catch you on the flip side.

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