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all this time

Valentines day was just like any day. I don't need a holiday to confess my love for someone. Regardless of our struggles we had a nice evening. *wink wink*. Andy gave me a plastic rose for valentines day thinking that it was on Sunday and not Monday. Danielle stopped by and gave me some chocolates. And Eyelie gave me a bag of goodies :]

Today I called to Orange County Superior Court and had a difficult time getting a hold of someone that could help me out. It turns out that my dumb ass "Lawyer" (or shall I say ex-lawyer since he dumped me to deal with it this last weekend with only a week till my court date) gave me the wrong court date and didn't bother telling me where it was going to take place. So now i don't even know what I'm going to do. I'll be lucky if i only get stuck w/ a 400 dollar ticket and traffic school....that is if the other party doesn't try to get anything out of me. It's so fucked. I'm trying not to think about it too much. But that guy was a real asshole.. I don't care if he's Deborah's brother or not. He fucked me over. I just don't see myself pleading guilty when I know i'm not...

In other news not much has been going on. I've just been home most of the time if I don't go w/ eyele to highland park / colorguard. Although some particular dirty salvie greaser from baldwin park who has a FIANCE not mentioning any names now... Has been coming around the apartment trying to find out where I live. Can we say pathetic? C'mon...what makes you think that we won't notice. Faggot.

Anyways...that's all for now.
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